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About Vettax

Your fiscal issue is our ultimate challenge! Vettax stands for personal attention, clear/transparent language and engagement, whether you are an employer or a private individual. Because, in the end, fiscal issues are not about administrative procedures but always about people. When specific knowledge of foreign tax systems is required, we can rely on a vast network of international colleagues. This way we can solve even the most complex tax/fiscal issues for you. Achieving that pleasant, comfortable feeling of having everything under control for you and your employees is what drives us every day.


Sandra van der Vet


In 2005, I founded Vettax, a company specialised in (inter)national people tax.

Following my studies in Leiden, I was privileged to learn the ins and outs of the profession for eight years as a tax lawyer at KPMG Meijburg & Co., specialising in payroll tax and international employment relationships.

My love for people and their motivations resulted in the Vettax specialisation ‘people tax’; a focus on all tax issues related to humans. This is what makes me still enjoy my work each day after so many years.

I often call it jokingly: ‘Puzzling for the advanced’. The more complex the issue is, the more enthusiastic I become. Don’t hesitate to call me and let me know what I can do for you and/or your employees.

LL.M. Sandra van der Vet

Founder and owner of Vettax